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Sorafenib is a targeted therapy regimen that is marketed as Sorafina. It is used to treat patients suffering from kidney cancer. The medication may also help manage thyroid cancer and liver cancer. It is available in 200mg strength and is indicated for oral administration. The side effects of Sorafina may include bleeding gums, blood in the urine, etc. Enquire about the sorafenib price and get up to 21% off alongside fast shipping.

dasatinib price

Dasacine is a formulation of a cancer-fighting therapy. It contains dasatinib as its active ingredient. The medication is available in the form of tablets of strength 50mg. The adverse effects of Dasacine tablets may include body aches, ear congestion, and chest pain. Magicine Pharma sells anti-cancer medicines at an affordable price. Enquire about the dasatinib price and get 28% off. Other specialty medicines, vaccines, and surgicals are also available.


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